Obstacles Along Your Journey


If there is a journey to be had, there will be obstacles as well, you can pretty much count on that.  Everyone’s obstacles will be different because I believe the obstacle is there to grow us, we are supposed to learn from it and we each have different areas of strength and weakness.

An obstacle is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.  Do you ever feel like your progress is being hindered when trying to achieve something new in your life or when trying to live life more?

One recurring obstacle to people like us, the ones who want to experience all there is to in life and in this big, big world is others who just don’t “get it”.  The people who we love who find their greatest joy in the comfort zone.  Hear me, there is NOTHING wrong with residing in the familiar and loving it, it just doesn’t fit me, at least not at this season in life, and I don’t know if it ever will.  There is something I find appealing to my parents simple life in the same little town all their lives and the predictability of it all, but that appeal wears off so quickly that I know I wouldn’t be happy any longer than it would take to get my boxes unpacked.

Right now, we are in a season where everything is day to day, we threw a bunch of balls in the air and now we will have to wait to see when and where they land.  Job, sale of a house, moving the kids, finding new housing, etc… it’s all in the unknown right now, this could be seen as an obstacle.  The somewhat scary part to that, is the balls can fall out of order and we can be left trying to reorganize our lives to fit accordingly.  So we may be faced with some situations or obstacles that will be less than ideal on the way to the goal and will we choose to embrace them as an adventure or cry that things just aren’t working out how we would have liked?

Another obstacle many of us face when we have a journey is finances.   Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough, or not enough for everything to go the way we would like it to. Sometimes there are even tough choices to be made to make sure that our journey can happen.  You know what? I would rather be broke and fulfilled, than rich and empty.  Money is a tool, it will come and it will go, but being truly happy and fulfilled is priceless, so I believe you have to go after your dream and live out your journey and make what money you do have work for you vs. spending all your life just working for money.

There are so many possible obstacles to living out your dreams. There could be health issues, aging parents, debt, fear, little kids, older kids, grandkids, jobs, the list could go on forever and will be a bit different for each of us, but obstacles can be overcome, they don’t need to hold you back, that is your choice.

When I have an obstacle I first try to look at it objectively and ask myself some questions.  One thing I know is life is full of choices and when you ask questions you can choose an answer and move forward.

1. Is this life threatening?  If yes, maybe I need to redirect my attention my life threatening obstacle and rectify that situation before I move forward.  Or maybe I accept that this could be where my life story ends and I move forward anyways.

2. Is it something I created?  If yes, I  take responsibility for the issue I have created and work on a way to correct it or accept it.

3. Is my obstacle just trying to distract me or is it a real problem?  So many times I make a small issue into a big obstacle.  Only give your issues the space they deserve and not a centimeter more or they will start to fill up all the real estate in your head and render you useless to move forward.  Choose your thoughts wisely they will direct your path.

4. Can I do anything to change it?  If not, support/accept and move on.  There is a whole world of things that happen to or around me that I can affect and change and then there are an equal number that I can’t change.  Death and other people are the two that stand out to me the most as the things that I can not change.

Death of a loved one is painful to us that are left behind but our loved one moved on (to their NEXT life) and we need to move on too.

And other people, we just can’t change them.  Boy we want to, we want them to see it our way, agree with us, give us what we want, make us feel good, act better, whatever it is – you can’t change them.  Choose to love them where they are and move on.

4.  Do I want to change my course because of this obstacle?  Sometimes the answer will be yes, and that is okay.  No path is written in stone and most often there are many forks in the road that you can choose from.  If you decide your obstacle is worthy of changing course for a while or forever, it is okay, as long as you own that choice without blaming the obstacle.

Here’s to your journey, to overcoming your obstacles and to living life more!!


What I want to be when I grow up is … HAPPY


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  How many times was I asked this in my childhood?  How many times have I poised the question to my three boys?  Each time I asked my kids this question I think I was secretly hoping for a realistic, well thought out answer with their plan to make it happen to follow.

Recently, at just a few years away from the big 4-0, I started asking myself this very question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”  I began wondering because I am quite sure that this can’t be it.  I am feeling there must be more.

I had never before thought to think of a simple answer that wasn’t tied to a title or a salary until I got so fed up of the daily grind and the struggle of “keeping up with the Jones’s” that I thought, what if we quit basing our big life decisions all on money and instead on quality of life? What if we Lived Life More?

The thought makes my heart beat faster, makes my skin sweat, makes me freak out just a bit.  It is so foreign to me, but I don’t think it is foreign to everyone, all over the internet I find like minded people who are living life more, they are doing things differently than the rest.  If they can do it, then maybe, just maybe, we can too?

One such blog I have stumbled upon in the last few days was http://www.playwithlife.org/  I can’t wait to dig in a bit further in this blog and learn from it’s author.  One question I am faced with is how to translate this desire we have for a more free lifestyle to my children.  On the Play With Life blog I was introduced to a TED video that I hadn’t seen before, a kid about the age of my middle child, speaking about life in a way that made me tear up.

My heart screamed YES!  That is what I want my kids to know and how I want them to approach their lives.  I don’t want them to chase a career or a pay check, I want them to chase passion and experiences, and I want them to laugh and be happy and healthy.  Oh, so many regrets filled my head as we have tried for so long to teach them the mold of life – go to school, get a good job, buy a house, have some kids, pay your bills, take a vacation here and there… I don’t want them to wait till they are nearly 40 to wake up to their dreams and feel regret of wasted time.   If all those things I just mentioned wind up being their dream, then great!  But if they want to travel, be balloon artists, or a cruise ship director then I want to encourage them to go for it!

This is quite the mind shift for us and is about to change our whole life, I don’t know how yet, I don’t know the time frames, I don’t known the details,  I don’t know the outcome, but I know the journey will be one to chronicle – I hope you will follow us as we Journey to Live Life More!