Live Life More Journey


The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life you want. – Oprah Winfrey

My husband and I have a great life, one we created.  3 kids, life in the ‘burbs’ of Denver, jobs in our ‘chosen’ fields, great friends, loving family, what more could we want?

I believe each person is born with a dream, for some our current life is their dream and it is good and fulfilling to them.  For us, we built the life we thought was the young american’s dream, and then we waited to feel fulfilled. While we waited we added many things in, threw many things out, chased, climbed, and stumbled trying to make our lives feel like we had finally ‘arrived’.

We have struggled with why this great life isn’t enough for us. Are we plain selfish?  Are we crazy?  Are we so lost that nothing will ever fill the gaping hole we feel?  I hope to share with you our Journey to living our life to the fullest. Living Life More.  Some things will be small changes, just minor shifts, others I suspect will make your stomach flip that anyone would be so bold or courageous (or maybe stupid).  Our hope is that my husband and I along with our children begin to live with no regrets, and in doing so we want to share here on our blog and hope that you will feel encouraged to examine your own life, dust off any hidden dreams, figure out if you are living the life  you were created to live or the one you thought you were supposed to.  How will you Live Life More today? What is your journey?  Won’t you join us on ours?


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