Trip of Discovery


We got back yesterday morning from our discovery trip to Florida, notice I did not say vacation.  Although many people thought that was what we went for was just a few days away, we actually went to see if what we were feeling seemed accurate when we actually stood on the ground we were dreaming of.

we made it to the beach

We made it to Florida!

We got off the plane in Tampa and headed straight to a beach.  It was about to storm and it was so beautiful that morning. Now there is some controversy in our family about believing in signs to point you to what you should or should not do, but while we were spending that very first hour in Florida there was a rainbow in the sky and a dolphin that swam by rather close to us, as well as some little fish nibbling at toes.

rainbow over the ocean

Could it be a sign??

 It seemed like it was from a movie or something and we stood in the ocean and prayed for wisdom and to just know what is right.

We spent the next few days moving down the coast, eating at local restaurants, visiting the local grocery stores, driving towns and neighborhoods, talking to people who live in the area, and taking in as much of it as we could. Of course we made sure to stop plenty to get our toes in the sand and hang out in the ocean!

sandy toes

Sandy toes are the bestest toes!

 We have heard a lot of one question “Why would you ever leave beautiful Colorado?” followed by many things we ‘may want to consider.’  In answer to that I would say, yes it was hot, yes there were lizards and creatures we don’t see here in CO, yes not EVERYONE was friendly, but somehow in a place we have never been it still felt a little like home.  

We really fell in love with this one town that seemed to just fit us.  And so we will begin our job search and house hunt there. We will continue to pray and believe that we will soon be on our way to our next and continue on our journey to living life more.  In the mean time stay tuned to how we continue to press in and on 🙂

palm trees at beach

“Our” Beach 😉


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